To describe something crazy.

Or someone who does something audacious.
Jake: yo did you see that kid flip out on that teacher just now??

Adam: yeah...bruh, that was wild.
by Coolpandax January 27, 2019
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crazy, fun, cool, awesome, sarcastically awesome
See those two people over there? That's Maeve and Morgan, they're wild.
by morgy99 March 4, 2015
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if you get called wild, that means people think you are a riot,chaotic or insane, it can be used in these sentences...
1.Man, that guy is wild!
2.She was wild at that party!
by GrayUrban222!@ October 20, 2020
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Wild: unbelievable. Off the chain. Full if burns. Such as Lejlas twitter.
Guy 1: Hey did you see Lejla on twitter last night?
Guy 2: Yeah I'm always on @jxvyt on twitter she's wild
by 1999Tuna July 2, 2014
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A term used to describe how you feel after you've injected or smoked crystal methamphetamine (speed) and the kind of sex you are looking for. Most speed freaks are looking to "get wild" and have uninhibited bareback sex.
Looking for more Wild than Mild fun tonight. Prefer my sex more Wild than Mild. Looking for someone who wants to get Wild with me, rather than Mild.
by Waikikisunset April 7, 2011
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Person 1: She doesn't work tomorrow cause she is bound in the trunk of my car on heavy sedatives. Ima gonna drop her somewhere in Colorado by morning. She'll be dead by Saturday.

Person 2:You wild
by WassupKaylyn September 1, 2017
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