Unusually muscular; body builder. May describe someone who uses anabolic steroids.

"Damn that guy is BOWED!"

"I've got some new stuff to help me get bowed up."
by Kayde January 2, 2008
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Black Out WastED

An explanation of why you do not know where you are when you wake up after a wild night.
"I've sworn off drinking for awhile, got bowed this weekend."
by TaShel June 13, 2007
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"Are you talking about that bowed looking girl over there?"

or simply...

"That is bowed."
by the richster June 4, 2009
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Bowed is the term used to describe how drunk you are...or simply that your drunk. Defined as follows: When your drunk enough to where it looks like your leaning against the bar counter when your actually not.
I was way too bowed last night.
by Eric Dale October 3, 2007
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stealing something from another nigga
nigga bowed my 50 cent bling blaw
by s.t.-ice March 2, 2004
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To hit someone with a two punch combination.
They squared up and Joe hit him, bow bow, and dropped his ass
by Heiziniamhim October 22, 2015
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