the most bad ass song to ever hit 1992
Do the ditty if you want to
Because then I can see if I want you
Just do the ditty-ditty if you want to
Because then I can see if I want you
- Paperboy
by carl_vs_kansas April 17, 2006
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I hate parading my serenading,
As I'll probably miss a bar,
But if this ditty is not so pretty,
At least it'll tell you
How great you are.
--Cole Porter, "You're the Top"
by berliita September 27, 2007
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Ditty is often used to describe a ditzy girl who is not quite as silly as a ditz, but actually is more on the cute side. While ditzy could be annoying at times, ditty is very adorable.
Hi Ditty, you look so pretty tonight!

You are such a ditty!

by Cyrus P.F. The Great February 17, 2009
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1. a short rap or rhyme done usually freestyle and with no instruments (a cappella).

2. a song in a commercial. See jingle.
"Hit a ditty 'bout 'W' Big G."

"I can't get that new McDonald's ditty outta my head."
by BigG March 19, 2005
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its when your asshole gets fingered while recieving oral sex
"oh yeah keep giving me that ditty while blowing me, it is quite excellent"
by the st3 September 28, 2005
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can be used as a noun, verb, adjective or any other part of the english language as a supplemental replacement for any other noun, verb, adjective, etc.
often makes its way into the language of drunken sorority girls with too much time on their hands, and those who are still single.
"That's a cute little ditty."
"She obviously dittled him."
"Did you see the ditties I bought at the mall?"
"Why are there ditty markings all over the wall?"
by Siggle Suite August 5, 2007
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10$ worth of weed.

ditty, dime, dub. see the pattern?
just a ditty bro
by dalton from dat cedarville December 10, 2010
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