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a coward that acts tough but when is really confronted they back down
Person gives u the finger whilst out driving then when u stop at the lights they pretend they cant see u and act like nothing is happening.
by Isaac April 18, 2003
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One who halfsteps.
A person who is trying to act "hard", trying too hard to act cool, other wise known as a tryhard.
A wack individual.
"Dude, look at that guy with the peroxide crewcut and the orange cross-colour jeans. What a halfstepper!"
by Piggdawg May 16, 2007
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One who trys too hard to act hard.
A wannabe gangsta, a fake, a toy.
One who is especially adept in the art of wak-ness.
A; "Wow, look at that dude in the orange Cross-Colours,
sporting the peroxide blonde crewcut..."

B; "Sheesh, what a half-stepper!"
by Piggdawg183 May 31, 2007
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The act of half stepping.
Someone who, when everyones talkin shit there rite in there, running there mouth.
and when the shit hits the fan, there running away screaming.
Doug was walking with a bunch of girls, and theo & donavin came around the corner, drunk wanting to fight.
doug went running with all the girls' cell phones.
can someone say "half Stepper"
by christine420__ December 10, 2007
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