Game company responsible for classical game systems like the Atari 2600. Unfortunately dying over time from to hard competition from Sega and Nintendo.

Until this day games from the old Atari's get re-made into a new coat our redone.

Worst was wen Infogrames bought the name and with that thinking that people recognizing the name will associate them with long time quality. Unfortunately for them most don't fall for such a stupid idea...
"The Unreal Tournament 2003 T-shirt has Atari on the back but really is just Infogrames"
by KIlly the fox May 16, 2004
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Originally maker of coin-op video arcades followed by home arcade games and finally 8-bit computers such as the 400 and 800. After the advent of the IBM PC clones it came out with the ST series but they failed to catch on with businesses. Kept on going strong for years in Europe (Germany in particular) but finally went out of business.
I got an Atari 800 in 1982.
by Mark Mills July 3, 2005
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Atari describes a situation in the game of Go, when there is one stone who has only one freedom left, and therefore can be captured within the next move.
"Beginners play atari" (go proverb)
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A gamer who is stuck on old-school games, and probably has not (and will not) touch a next-gen system. Usually plays anything up to SNES/Genesis (N64/PS1 aren't quite atari level yet). If they don't have those they play emulators.
There is nothing wrong with ataris, contrary to what people say about them wanting to "relive their childhood, the freaks."

Some are ataris for the classic games.
Some are ataris for the cheesy 8-bit music.
I am an atari for the engrish.
by Meggido February 28, 2008
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when a girl is giving you a hand job, she moves your dick around like an old atari controller
I was a little sore the day after she gave me an atari.
by julian February 3, 2005
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The best game company in the world until it faced up to the reality of competition, at which point it simply pumped out a jillion games involving spaceships and shooting enemies before they shoot you, either in the form of space invaders or a side scrolling shooter.
I remember how my father used to beat me at double dragon on my atari, and how I was really crap at that ghostbusters game.
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