An object that you dont know the name of.
Yes he did wear a whatchamacallit.
by Chocolate Princess July 5, 2003
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A fast and easy way to say "what do you call it?" Can be used to describe a person,place or thing.
"Hey, you know were i can get a soda?"

"Yea, whatchamacallit is selling them at her locker."
by justin tha great July 11, 2008
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when you forget something and you don't know what to call it!
"Isn't he, uh, you know, whatchamacallit?" "Gay?"
by Alex9999 September 28, 2006
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A word used when the actual name of the object in question will not come to mind. Very versatile but often very vague. It is derived from the phrase "what-you-may-call-it" which can be found in T. H. White's The Once and Future King.
Claire- "Hey, Adam, hand me the- the- you know, the whatchamacallit."

Adam- "The what?"
by Cu2Au May 27, 2006
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NOUN - A term, used to replace a noun when it won't come to mind.
I went to the restaurant and ordered the plate with shrimp and the other side...whatchamacallit.
by Enrique Perez November 17, 2003
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Noun used to describe those little things that you never know precisely how to express.
1. Do you call common objects whatchamacallits? ...
by Horace November 14, 2003
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