18 definitions by jimissobored

I've seen Jack in locker room, he is a toal diet cock despite how he brags about his girth... B.S.
by jimissobored May 28, 2015
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An uncircumcised dick. Basically you can remove the letter 'c' from dick as it stands for 'circumcised'.
Jen and Melissa texting:

Jen: Hey Melissa I just had sex with Dave!
Melissa: Hey girl, I am happy for ya... How was it?
Jen: It was great, just that it was my first dik.
Melissa: Seriously? You never had one before?
Jen: No, I always had dicks, and I find them cleaner tho.
Melissa: Oh I love diks more than dicks lol
Jen: Gotta go wash my mouth... ttyl
Melissa: xx
by jimissobored November 30, 2014
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Its what lands on your cock when you have sex with a woman during her period.
Jim: Oh it was an amazing orgasim Jane
withdraws cock out of pussy....
Jane: uh oh...
Jim: What?
Jane: Somebody's got a cockblood ;)
Jim: Oh yeah... I am gonna take a shower now..
by jimissobored July 29, 2014
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Its when the suckee (the cock sucker) needs to take a short break from sucking a cock in order to be able to continue sucking cock.
Mike: Oh yeah Stacey, suck it good...
Stacey: oh gllggbb...
Mike: need a cock break?
Stacey: yeah I do...
Mike: ok no problem, just hurry back up...
(2 seconds delay)
Stacey: gllggbb...
by jimissobored July 27, 2014
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Its when a man loses lots of his money in order to get laid, whether by spending on prostitutes or expensive date nights with the hope of getting laid.
Mike: Hey dude wana go see the boxing championship in Las Vegas next month?
John: Na man, I am too cock broke to afford that
by jimissobored July 27, 2014
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The guy who has helped you in any way to get laid and lose your virginity and has helped you turn from a boy to a man.
dude1: Do you know Jim?
dude2: Of course I do! He is my cockfather
dude1: Oh wow..
by jimissobored November 06, 2014
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Someone who keeps talking about his penis because he has a slightly bigger one.
Jim: Hey man lets hit the bars tonight, I need to treat a girl with a real thing you know...
Mike: Jesus Jim stop being a cockfreak!! You are only 7 inches long!!
by jimissobored August 25, 2014
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