opposite of a baller, a guy with little money , always broke but acts like he is a baller, small money
you know malik is not buying the drinks because he is just a smaller
by ms fay May 29, 2008
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We need to smallerize these dohickys to fit them into the breadbox.
by seanaty August 18, 2008
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Said of a person who is becoming less and less intellectually coherent ( not because of mental health but due to the oral garbage they spew) and therefore losing their intellectual relevance and appeal to the masses.
Gavin Newsom is getting smaller and smaller according to Greg Gutfeld
by Sexydimma March 11, 2021
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Multi-million or -billion dollar corporations and celebrities. Not ordinary people.
From @TeamYouTube on Twitter:

"To reduce targeted dislike attacks & their impact on creators (esp on smaller creators), you’ll no longer see a public dislike count on YouTube starting today (the dislike button is staying)."

R.I.P. YouTube Dislike Button (2010-2021)
by kjoshua November 10, 2021
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Referring to the size of a pipe/ rig when dabbing THC concentrates. Due to the Smaller rigs ability to pass along the flavors of the concentrates better.
Did you see that new rig the homie just scooped? It's only like 4" tall... yo Smaller is baller!
by Bezus12 January 21, 2018
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The person who is less mature than the opposing person. The person who makes the less mature decision. The moral low-ground.
Doug and Chad were in an argument regarding the superiority of Seinfeld over Friends.

Chad: "Hey, I am sorry we argued, would you like some of my orange which I brought for lunch?"
Doug: "No way, I am choosing to be smaller person and remain offended.
by ronhsub May 24, 2018
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