The decade from 2020 - 2029.
What decade is it?
It's the 20s.
by Uniaer March 15, 2020
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The term is used in the North West of England and it refers to £20 worth of Cannabis.
"Oi mate, I'll need a 20s tonight.."
"No worries, I got you."
by rez0h October 2, 2015
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1) A type of Nike Shoe.
2) Size of rims
1) Dem some fresh 20s.
2) I'm sittin' on 20s, chromed out.
by GX March 21, 2006
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The event when one performs sexual favors for someone of the same sex for $20.
Jack isn't gay but $20 is $20.
by ILikeGoldDragons April 6, 2017
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A series of numbers that means you’re sexy
dude did you hear she won 20 20 20 on her lottery ticket? She seems more sexier now ngl
by Milfmoney05 January 16, 2021
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