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To give someone a sweet uppercut (in the style of Mortal Kombat.)
Yo, dawg, Plaks is such an asshole; so I gave him a down b and knocked his monkey ass down!
by jeff May 16, 2004
It's when you're doing a chick from behind and before you break off, you spit on her back (thereby 'deceiving' her into you thinking you are done) and then when she turns over, you blast her in the face.
"Hey Mom, I was banging this hot chick who was so uptight, I couldn't get off. In fact, the only way I could finish off was through 'deception.'"
by jeff May 26, 2004
"white boy rap"; rap as performed by people of caucasian race, often nerdy. See MC Chris
I'm going to go listen to some wrap, yo.
by jeff February 21, 2003
v.the act of deficating in a toilet, releasing the turd at the point of flushing when there is no water in the bowl, so as to cause the turd to stick on the porcelean in a mannar which makes it difficult to remove.
joe drydocked daves can, frustrating dave who had to scrape the turd off later using johns shoe.
by jeff February 24, 2003
The area between a woman's ass and vagina.
Man, she has a clean flamidabidaby!
by jeff September 24, 2003
when one defecates in is/her ass crack and the partner licks it out
yo dude, that mutha gave me an urban pita wrap last night, fo shizzle
by jeff March 22, 2004
The opposite of a prep.
Preby people rule...and preps suck ass
by jeff February 25, 2004