Hung Like a:

A prefix which is usually followed by an animal infamous for having an exceptionally large or small penis. The meaning is that the person to whom the statement is directed has a penis of a similar size as that of the animal he is "hung" like.

I.E. He's really huge, or really tiny! Depends on the animal used.
Girl 1: My boyfriend Sampson is sooo fucking amazing in bed! He's hung like a horse!
Girl 2: Lucky bitch... I'm gonna dump Gerald, he's hung like a hamster!

Other examples include the sperm whale, donkey, horse-fly, bull... I could go on!
by The Definition of a Definition November 7, 2013
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A penis so large that it relates to the size of a camel's. Commonly used by arabian people.
Girl One: Girl, that arabian guy has a 9" penis.
Girl Two: Yeah, he's hung like a camel.
by A-RabMan January 12, 2016
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This state exists when one's vaginal or anal region is stretched out by sexual contacts.
by I, Wreckerrr October 18, 2016
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A phrase used to describe a man with a large, equine-like penis.
Damn! You're, hung like a horse!
by Paul Thundergod July 3, 2003
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A phrase used to describe a very large penis of a blessed man.
CJ won a trophy for being hung like a horse, since the large size enabled him to produce the most cum during a competition.
by racinqueenn July 27, 2014
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To be well endowed. To have a penis so large that you cannot get fully erected without passing out from lack of blood flow to the brain.
Me: "Dude! Did you see Ben in the Shower? He's hung like a clown. I couldn't look away"
Pete: "You know what they say about a man with big feet? ....Ouch!"
by Rex Uranus December 8, 2021
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This term implies that a man has the endowment alike to that of a horse.Beyond 9". Seen as inhuman.
Stephen was hung 14 inches when erect and called himself the stallion king, he was therefore hung like a horse.
by Andre June 15, 2006
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