To smoke a cigar that has been cut open, the tobacco removed and replaced with as much stinky, sticky, sweet green ganja as one can put in the bad-boy, then re-stuck together using magic. This is usually with the intention of getting fuckin' mellow and "blunted."
(Pretty much any given afternoon at pretty much any given university) - "Gentlemen, I believe we owe it to ourselves to smoke a fat blunt. We would simply be remiss if we didn't."
by Jap the Jimmy June 5, 2014
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A popular meme or shitpost in the Deltarune community, centered around a picture of Ralsei, one of the main characters of Deltarune, smoking a particularly large amount of weed.

The meme has since produced several animations.
Person A: "Hey, check out this picture of Ralsei smoking a fat blunt!"
Person B: "Holy shit, Ralsei is smoking a fat blunt!"
*laugh track plays*
by *But nobody came. November 1, 2021
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a meme where ralsei smokes a huge human sized cigarette
Person 1: Hey, what are you fucking doing?

Person 2: Im watching Ralsei Smoking A Fat Blunt memes

Person 1: What the actual fuck??
by ralsiost November 10, 2021
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a fat ass blunt or a term of exageration
yo he just smoked a fat ass blunt, i beasted him like a fat ass blunt
by mike December 11, 2004
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the use of marijuana in cigar papers laced with cocaine by many central high school students to get incredibly ripped
by chris ronning January 15, 2003
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the fat of a blunt i.e. the tobacco that you remove from a cigar to fill with marijuana
Sucka, you gettin' blunt fat all in my car
by Andrew Harwell December 16, 2007
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