1) A casual greeting used by an individual or group or individuals addressing an other individual (or group or individuals). Often used instead of or in conjunction with (following) word such as hello, hi or hey

It should be noted that this phrase is not only used in by english speakers of all nationalities and dialects but by speakers of many different languages across the globe

see que pasa and ca va

2) A question used to inquire about the status of an on-going process or event. In this interogative state the sentence carries a question mark.

see also: when the going gets good,
1) dude: "hey how's it going bro!"
bro: "not bad dude, I havent seen you for time..."

2) dude: "s'up man, I heard you had some problems with your girl. how's it going? things getting better?"
man: "get bent..." *cries into his beer*
by Olly J June 4, 2005
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Tyler: Hey Annie, I haven't seen you in a while how's it going?
Annie: I'm great how about you?
by KingOfTheUnknown April 9, 2016
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a phrase meaning...."wats up". or it can also be used to initiate a fight.

This is a Bahamian phrase.

John:"how it go jake?"
Jake:"nothin much"
John: "how it go...u gat a problem with me?"
Jake: "carry your light ass...u cant see me"
by HotBoyGunna September 9, 2006
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The verbal response to a friend or colleague's animated action or sound (usually a combination of both), when you would like he or she to repeat it. Generally, the action or sound must be immediately repeated as close to the original as possible. Failure to respond to a "How's it go?" request usually prompts an adverse negative reaction from peers.
Wes: "I saw a guy having a seizure today, and he was all;" (Comically shakes and flails violently, while making gurgling sounds)

Kevin: "How's it go?"
by The Keithman October 5, 2007
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