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1. A sick, retarded, and idiotic species whose degree of intelligence makes life and reality worse off than it could be.

2. Something racists just can't realize.

3. The root of all problems.
1. Martian: Dude, the humans just started another war over a puddle of water.

Other Martian: Really? Last week it was a tree, they are really embarrassing themselves.

Martians: Yeah, but still, they make nice fireworks.

2. If I think on it long enough, I'll feel like shit knowing what our reality looks like...
by idonthavaname August 02, 2006

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1. A loser who walks on red carpets and gets more eyes than a Shelby Cobra.

2. Someone who gets money that they don't deserve.

3. Someone who is perceived a deity in American culture.
Stop focusing on celebrity issues. Who cares who got married/divorced/cheated on/or has a baby, everyone else does!

And for those damn teenage girls: Ignore these people, they are not important, they are not a role model who you believe is posisitive influence.

I condemn celebrities because they are stuck-up morons who can't do anything good for the world and are a distraction to real issues. They are artificial people, and I am not jealous of them, just don't pay any attention to them, and anything so see in a damn supermarket or whatever, don't buy it if you see their name/face on it. It's pointless shit, really, it is...
by idonthavaname August 04, 2006

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A system of parts created in America in order to get from point A to Point B. In fact, its the least it can do; spend $35,000 on a chunk of steel that could fit a circus and takes more fuel to get to the corner grocer if compared to the amount of fuel needed to get to the moon.
Stay away from American cars. Mercedes-Benz was the first; I think by now you realize who knows how to engineer.
by idonthavaname October 01, 2006

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1. Something the human species speaks much of, but still does not have the mental capacity to put down the damn guns and look at a different perspective of diplomacy.
You won't get peace until you stop fighting, you can't fight for peace.
by idonthavaname August 02, 2006

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1. A device that was once originally used to speak to another person whose location is a significant or considerable distance apart from you, but now it is a confirmation that you would like to receive free calls from telemarketers.

2. Something teenagers use far too much.
-Phone Rings-

Person: Hello?
Telemarketer: Thank you for purchasing a telephone, you are now eligible to receive calls so you can get discounts on HOT products.
Person: Fuck off. -Hangs up- ...I didn't buy a phone to get the hell annoyed out of me...
by idonthavaname August 02, 2006

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1. A person or robot you receive in a commercial call.

2. One of those times its O.K. to feel like you wanna kill someone.

3. Makes you wish you had Caller ID or even a Telezapper.
"You've got four seconds to hang up this phone, you halfwit telemarketer, and never call this number again."
by idonthavaname July 19, 2006

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2. An oversized chuck of steel that idiots use to drive five miles from their house into town to cash in their paycheck.
Coupes and sedans pwn the SUV.

Seriously people, what the hell...SUVs are gay.
by idonthavaname October 04, 2006

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