Used in the road racing world to indicate someone entered a corner too fast.
Renee overcooked that corner and went off the road.
by g3gtsboy May 24, 2010
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1. Overused or Cliché.
2. Excessively tanned or sunburnt.
1. "I can't stand watching soap operas anymore, the dialogue is always so overcooked".
2. "Wow, you spent way too much time in the sun today. You're totally overcooked!".
by Onymous August 18, 2005
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Someone who is stoned/baked and is currently tripping out of their fucking minds.
Jesus Christ!!! I'm overcooked right now!
by Aidan McLean May 12, 2010
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When you're having sex and the girls eyes start to water and her legs lock up and shake. When she starts to ask you to stop because it's too intense and you just double down and make her have an intense climax.
I was overcooking Jessica last night, now she won't leave me alone.
by jaCkBnimbLe April 4, 2015
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A person that is Mexican and is mentally retarded.
Person 1: "Look at that fucking beaner, he's so annoying."

Person 2: "Yea man. I heard he's actually retarded too."

Person 1: "Oh wow, what an overcooked beaner!"
by gramatik July 21, 2011
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To take on too many separate tasks at one time, inevitably leading to none of them being completely at a level of quality as high as if you'd focused on doing just one extremely well.
by KeSoze2 May 8, 2011
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