Dimwitted person. Simpleton. Slow. Stupid. Dullard.
People who put people's names on here to slag them off.
by GayRevolutionary July 5, 2003
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A spoilt layabout brat who bought his way in to Oxford University. After suffering from a bad case of posh existential angst (the kind of malaise that only posh types suffer) he embarked on a campaign of summer of love in the Big Brother house: this summer of love was whiled away killing cute little rodents with execrable singing, making obscene gestures at mature ladies, ogling anything with a pulse and crying over spilt milk. Being a work-dodging, posh boy wastrel, he mistakenly thought hippy ideology meant living off daddy's fat wallet and talking complete bollocks all day. Hobby hippies are usually to be found under a rock or in a dark corner soliloquising the mantra of "dude cool cat man, dude cool cat man..." until they cum all over their cruddy old dressing gowns. Halfwit now intends to pursue a career in politics as a Tory MP. This is good. He will join the other countless MPs who've also 'lived' a debased, shallow and superficial existence and who then go on to obtain positions of power that dictate the life entire of honest hard working individuals. This is life, this is reality, this is democracy...
Halfwit philosophising: "Like man, dude, great ambition, the desire of real superiority, of leading and directing, seems like dude to be altogether peculiar to man, and speech is the great instrument of ambition like."
by Quarterwit August 19, 2009
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A popular contestant from UK Big Brother 10, who promotes a hippy-ish ideology of happiness, peace and love on earth. He walks around the garden in his blue bath robe, singing and laughing to himself. Can often be found having interesting discussions about philosophy, politics and psychology.

Annoys the other housemates because of his orgasms over food.

Looks kinda like Jesus.
Halfwit eating cereal: 'Mmmmmmm..... aaaaaahhhhh.... yeeeahhhhhhhh... mmmmmmmm.... oh God this cereal is so good that I'm going to come..... yeaaaahhhh'.
by clever-clogs July 7, 2009
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Formulaic Halfwit is exactly as it sounds. Someone who is lacking in creativity and is dimwitted, slow, or stupid.
Person A along with a group of our friends: *wakes me up from a nap to do something stupid*

Me: If you formulaic halfwits want to go and do something stupid then by all means do it but leave me out of it.
by Ohhheneedssomemilk September 18, 2018
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This refers to all who don't think its important to wear a mask during the covid19 pandemic. They are slow witted, selfish and refuse to wear a mask thinking they aren't gonna get the virus. They have no clue how the virus works and its possible they are the carriers spreading the virus to others. Not everyone has signs and symptoms so wear a mask.
guy 1: Would you look at all those covid halfwits walking around in the grocery store not wearing a mask. guy 2: I see them. They could care less that they are infecting others and keeping the virus alive.
by jimmybomm May 2, 2020
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A Dickless Halfwit Asshole is someone thinks that the perpetuation of anti-semitic stereotypes and anti-semitism itself is more acceptable than other forms of racism. An example would be someone who reads the definition for "Jewed" on this website and thinks it is funny or acceptable. For all the Dickless Halfwit Assholes reading this, let me tell you, it is not, and this behavior will ruin many of your relationships and professional aspirations in life (unless you are trying to become a professional Nazi). If you as a reader condone anti-semitism, then you yourself are a Dickless Halfwit Asshole and you need to educate your ignorant and degenerate burden-on-society of a self before you cause any more harm. This definition is brought to you by a proud black man supportive of our Jewish allies in the fight to end racism

Note to the people who manage this website: If you do not let this definition get posted then you MUST at least censor objectively racist and harmful definitions more carefully. They are not funny and do benefit anyone. Prove to the world that we can become better than we are, and that you can become better than you have been in your borderline racist management of this website.
1. Man, don't use the word "Jewed", you Dickless Halfwit Asshole.

2. If you think that anti-Israel sentiments are so different from anti-semitic sentiments, then you are a Dickless Halfwit Asshole and need to educate yourself. (Saying "I'm anti-Israel, not anti-Semitic" is like responding to the Black Lives Matter movement with the rebuttal that "All lives matter". If you do not understand why this is so, then please educate yourself)
by EndRacismNow June 15, 2020
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