to be eligible for a heating
you is eligible

yo linnin is eligible

yo barber is eligible

alexanders smelly ass is eligible

yo german ass is eligible
by dadangelkid November 5, 2008
The opposite of deligate. When one assigns a task to his/her boss.
The job didn't get done because I eligated it to Mr. Smith and he dropped the ball.
by Dan_Nomad_NC April 10, 2006
Ready and/or willing to smoke marijuana. Not to be confused with a similar term used to determine whether an NCAA football team qualifies for the postseason.
Hey Chris, are you bowl eligible yet?
Nah, give me a half hour, I need to finish this paper.
by The Biggest Z November 23, 2014
A female of age 18 or older categorized as a minimum of a soft 5 on the hotness scale.
Ryan, there is so much eligible puss at this party.
by Another frat guy December 2, 2019
el·i·gi·ble bach·e·lor

1. An unattached man who is desirable and worthy of choice.

2. An attached man who is beyond the field of vision of his wife, his girlfriend, or his main bitch.
Guy A: "Where's your girlfriend?"

Guy B: "Out of town. I'm an eligible bachelor again."
by Ecce October 6, 2004
A medical term from an ambulance to hospital that lets the emergency room know that the patient is full of it.
Med#1: 45 YOF, complains of paralysis in lower left extremity, patient is "Triage Eligable".
Hospitol Dispatch: What, her foot asleep?
Med#1: 10-04
by P0rkCh0p October 5, 2017