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One of the finest cars in the world. They are luxurious, reliable and beautiful. The name is a byword for quality, customer car and luxury. Unfortunately in the mid 1990s the company started cutting corners and the quality dropped.

Luckily Mercedes Benz has started making great cars again. Since 2007, the quality of their cars have drastically improved
There are two types of cars in the world, there are cars and there are Mercedes-Benz.

My W124 has never has ANY problems. It is still tight as a drum and runs like it is brand new after 18 hard years and 157,000 miles on the clock
by merc4life February 21, 2012
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I am a melomaniac.
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The world leader of automotive innovation and technology.
The world leader of automotive innovation and technology, Mercedes-Benz, continues to set the bench mark for what a car should be with its combination of style, safety and engineering.
by Wass11 October 30, 2011
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A Well made Luxurious German piece of Machinery that gets absurd amounts of jealousy,also known to single handedly steal other car owners girlfriends and especially any spotlight from other German cars such as BMW owners when Mercedes arrives on the scene. BMW is and will always be second to Mercedes,Your average smart driver of a Mercedes does not beat on and race they're cars like BMW drivers do.For Mercedes is not wreckless,Mercedes Drivers have pride and take care of there fine automobiles.They are made to cruise luxuriously without added performance parts. They are a First Class Automobile.
Mercedes Benz,Thee car of cars ...the Beautiful offspring of German Engineering
by The Best Barber May 11, 2010
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A car considered by many as the finest automobile ever built. Mercedes offer superb luxury, quality, performance and comfort...truly an incredible piece of machinery and technology.

Mercedes have become somewhat of a status symbol. They are often wrongly associated with wealth, but anyone who loves great automobiles can own one, regardless of their social status.

There has been a longtime debate on whether BMWs are better than Mercedes, but the truly knowledgeable automobile enthusiast knows Mercedes are the BEST.
Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?
by alphalyra May 04, 2011
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One of the two finest automobile companies in the world. Mercedes and BMW are the ultimate contenders for mass-production high-quality cars. Nobody can fucking step to them.
American: I love my Ford.
European: You are truly a fucking idiot, Mercedes and BMW rule the world.
American: I know, but since I am a lazy motherfucker I do not know these things, and I am too blind to see the truth.
by BMW = BLACK MAN'S WISH May 18, 2003
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A car you purchase, maintain, and drive with pride as you are whipping an example of the finest and oldest marque in automotive history. Known for their style, performance and industry-leading innovation, Benzes are for real boys who aspire to set themselves apart from all the other undesireables on the road. If you want to be a buster or not have the best cars ever made, buy a BMW or AUDI because they're wack.
Witness: Damn, your CL55 ///AMG Mercedes-Benz just romped all over that M5 and RS6. It was awesome.

Me: Thanks. Yeah, those dudes are pussies.
by DEEZ NUUUTZZZ January 10, 2016
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