137 definition by hytham_hammer

iPod players that suck up your time and attention, epicially those minis.
iPodders around the world are redding the needle in their insatiablity to acquire the latest accessories and music, there's now a thing called 'iPod envy' and..(wait for it):
"I need that metallic-blue mini..." *plonks a coldass 300$ without blinkin'*!
by hytham_hammer July 13, 2005

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the love of old things from the past revived in what designers call 'the contemorary classic' from cars to TV shows.
also has many synonyms popping alongside like , newtro 'new retro'..among many more.
That Seventies' Show is a prime example of newstalgia.
by hytham_hammer July 04, 2005

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The urge to look through the windows of homes upon walking past them. Usually done for sexual satisfaction/curiousity reasons.
My! I once recall walking infront a curtain-less window and; being the cryptoscopophiliac that I am...I took a gleek and there was this hairy man bonking his wife senseless! I saw from her body only the wildfire bush of her na-na. Grossest!
by hytham_hammer November 27, 2005

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The dirty-boy look of the late nineties: messy hair, flubble, smart casual... the works.
No two in their right minds, can argue that Brad Pitt is the messosexual of the world. Now he changed all of that.
by hytham_hammer August 06, 2005

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a movie 'blockbuster' that is so sucky.
yuch!..Steven Segal is schlockbuster movie number one star.
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005

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Hebrew ebonics. Yinglish 'Yeddish English'.
Hebonics is so cool, everyone must learn a bunch of new words to add to his/her wordrobe.
by hytham_hammer August 06, 2005

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for ageing people in Japan. The therapy is done with the help of a 'partner robot'..if you must ask..that's the future, that's Japan!
Japan:1 America& the West: zip,zilch,zero,nil,nish,nada,naught,nothing..buppkis!
by hytham_hammer July 05, 2005

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