A true friend who gives someone a chance before she judges them.

Is there for anyone who is hurt or feeling hurt. Good at making people feel better.

Lights up a room with her smile. A loyal companion. Never uses people for there advantages.

Is kind hearted to those who are as well.
by Kyle basse December 31, 2014
The cutest, most beautiful girls in the world who is shy to show love around others but once alone doesn't stop showing it until the very last second you leave. A very loyal friend who never means to cause you sadness. A.K.A. the sweetest girl in the world.
How would you describe that girl over there?
Shes a Jodie, bro.

Ah, i want one.
Too bad she's mine. ;)
by American Mike in Askam June 25, 2010
Jodie, is a once in a life time chance. Amazing, she has it all. A face you will never forget, eyes that are blue with a yellow ring like fire around them that make you loose yourself in her beauty. she has an amazing body. No matter how much you say she's beautiful, she wont accept your compliment even though she is a 100% stunner. As well with the looks Jodie's personality doesn't fail to impress. She is very creative and always makes you smile, just by being her self. there is one simple word to describe her, 'PERFECT'. Guaranteed to be the first and last thing on your mind.
WOW! she's so perfect, I bet her name is Jodie.
by Brandy Scott Mclovin April 1, 2012
Jodie Is a slang word in jails and prisons it's when your wife or girlfriend looks to another man to satisfy her needs until you come home.
Jodie been at the house with me just so you know I can't wait 10 years
by @leakeditdotnet February 28, 2016
A girl who spins your world with her awesome but slightly blonde fun loving personality.
Has amazing vivid blue eyes and slightly camp mannerisms, hugely into the ladies and has no clue how loveable she is!
Everyone wants a Jodie as a friend, most want her in bed!
Dude that chicks fit as...

Yeah dude she so is but she's all about the ladies, she's a right Jodie , wish she was my Jodie!!
by Ouchy-bitey September 28, 2011
Ussually associated with a really beautiful, stunning girl, with large eyes, and soft lips. People named Jodie ussually end up dating guys called James, especially hot, sexy and handsome ones who they were just destined to be with.
Someone: That Jodie should be dating James right now.
by Baby I like it July 8, 2012
Jodie is a positive person. she has her times when she gets angry but always will be there for friends and family . Jodie will always stick up for her best friends . She likes to have banta with somepeople . She doesn't lile people talking behind her back and wants a best friend who would stick up for her and know her for who she is . She also doesn't like people who pretend to be her friend , and people who pretend to be something she's not .

~This is Jodie be a nice friend to her ~
Jodie is a very person.
by Harleey December 13, 2017