When you have a weggie in your vag. The beginning stages of the dreaded CAMEL TOE!!!
O god this frontal just broke my hymen.

vagina weggie pussy nasty camel toe
by brandi girl-perv November 7, 2009
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I'm all about that frontal. I don't want none of that side-frontal. FULL FRONTAL. I'mma go out find some chick get my frontal.
by Mike London July 22, 2008
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1. when a male, instead of wiping from the back, wipes his anus from the front going between his legs and under his ballsack, thus for easier and more convenient viewing pleasure of the soiled toilet paper

2. wiping the anus from the front because your mother never potty trained you correctly
1. Yeah I walked in on him taking a dump and he was doing the frontal scoop. It was weird.
by Stevey Beavers February 10, 2012
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The act of wiping ones ass from the front as if they were wiping their pussy.
That Jew kahny got his balls shitty after a frontal wipe.
by Bskinns August 6, 2012
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like a regular corndog, when you knee someone in the anus. the frontal corndog is a well deserved knee to the nutsack (balls).
i just gave rita a frontal corndog and he fell on the floor crying.
by shlee & shlee July 4, 2008
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An oversized belly, girth, fat pouch, that extends forward from ones torso, may extend, droop over the belt line.
frontal dunlop: usually found on an obese male or female. They have trouble standing erect, may have lower back pain while walking. Easily identified by the two liter size mug full of pop and a jelly donut.
by cadilac1571 February 5, 2010
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seeing a girls underwear sticking up out of the front of their jeans. usually seen only rarely.
Lennie saw Jessica's frontal peeker, and almost shat himself.
by The Mom Hunter December 24, 2006
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