A common misspelling of the word shisha, which is a flavored molasses tobacco typically smoked in a hookah.

Sheesha is not another name for hookah, bong, or weed.

Smoking a lot of shisha can make you feel light-headed and sick to your stomach. It does NOT get you high (unless it's mixed with weed, but that's a different story)
Facebook status:

"Hotboxed mitch's car, smoked a whole bowl of sheesha!"
"Smoked out of my new sheesha! works great!"

"Got me some sheesha from the grocery store...gonna get soooooo high"


-__- idiots....
by Holly Bundles October 15, 2011
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a fat cunt known as shay who has a midnight bangsesh with greta
sheesha is some man whore fucking greta every night
by rissrossapplesauce January 30, 2020
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fruit molasses tobacco smoked in a hooka (kind of like a bong)
smells absolutely delicious
comes in strawberry, apple, musk melon, etc..
not very effective if you only take a few hits but can be enough to get you high off your mind.
TODD: yo, man, you wanna go hit up some sheesha later?
JOE: yeah dude i got the hooka at meh house i'll bring it ovaa
by sennie December 26, 2007
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n. a glass-bottomed, long-necked bong-like gadget for smoking tobaccoo and/or hashish.
the tobaccoo comes in friut molasses(apple and strawberry are the most used..but you can also get muskmelon ..or..gulp! green marrow,too..),and the aroma is good to try and be hooked on it for-fuckin'-ever!
Down here in Amman, coffee houses offer a wide variety of tastes and contraptions to smokers but if you came to this city and wanna try a hubbly-bubbly ( the more-famous term for sheesha), try Balat Al-Rasheed tourism cafe..and welcome all o'yous tourons.
My favorite band ; an Israeli progrock and psychedelica five-piece called Churchill's made a song callled Debka where one can clearly hear a studio sheesha in full use. This band, man..
by hytham_hammer July 04, 2005
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also know as a hooka. standing water pipe with handheld extension of arabian origin. used for smoking tobacco or hashish.
fuck the tofah, throw a chunck of hash on that sheesha
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
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sheesha or sheesh some times sortened to fish or feesh derives from the word hasheesh and is a northen english slang term for weed (marajuwanna).
pass the doob bud i need some sheesh,
or i'm a sheesha veteran (if you smoke a lotta fish)
by FutureHistory April 08, 2006
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referred to as the big dick sucker of the friend group. He gets no girls or the pussy so don’t ask why he’s called papa
he’s such a loser getting no pussy he must be (papa sheesha)
by abbadabbadoodiddydeeda January 30, 2020
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