being late to your dumb ass class and getting suspended cause your school is retarted
Robert: don't Get swept
Chris: I won't i'm on time
by DaMostMlgPlaya March 2, 2017
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to get f*cked up: beat up, shot up, or anything very harmful to someone.
Person 1: Did you hear about that one dude yesterday?

Person 2: Nah man, what happened?

Person 1: Man that n*gga got his sh*t SWEPT!
by Tha 1ne June 2, 2005
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Another word for "cool" or "neat" in the alternative community.

Derived from the way scenesters and showgoers sweep their bangs across their face.
Hey, did you see that chick by the merch table?

Yeah dude, she's so fucking swept.
by dddenis April 22, 2011
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an adjective: the state of being under the influence of drugs while also feeling drowsy and lackluster; being high and tired
It's 1am and I'm so swept that I can't keep my eyes open.
by J. Shazam February 24, 2015
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Lose all the games in a hockey playoff series despite high expectations of winning the event.
The heavily favored and number one seeded Tampa Bay Lightning experienced shame and humiliation when they were swepted by the wildcard and number eight seeded Columbus Blue Jackets in 2019.
by Sh00terMcGavin April 29, 2019
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When a pre sweep is required prior to painting a home or small area. You know it will be swept, but once the sweeping has bee completed, it has been properly Swepted.
Joe, apartment #502 is swepted. Ready for paint.
by Lauribabe & Harley September 29, 2020
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To be really fucked up.
Dude, last night at that party I was so swept!

Let's get swept bro!
by Zakota1 January 31, 2014
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