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cellmate. someone you share your cell with in prison or jail
me and my cellie were talking about you the other day
by tamara bot March 10, 2005
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a cell phone. often used by me to tell people to call it
call my cellie
OMG i've lost my cellie
by Ducky October 24, 2004
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1. Ruler of the world, supreme ruler, princess of everything, having awesome power

2. A beautiful women or girl that charms everyone she meets immediatly
I want to be a cellie when I grow up

That new girl is such a cellie
by CNL May 13, 2007
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a person who uses a cell phone all the time; very often refers to people who drive and use their cell phone so much that they make critical driving errors but are oblivious to this fact
Look at that cellie, she just pulled out of that parking lot with her SUV not looking and almost hit that other car.
by Tabrams April 04, 2006
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n. A brief show of triumphant celebration by a someone scoring a goal, a touchdown, or a few grams of cocaine.

Sweet goal dude! Your deke stickside totally flat-skated their overly-padded behemoth.

Thanks. But what About my cellie? Too dirivatory?

Perhaps a little less fanny wiggling next time.
by gnostic3 January 31, 2019
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