External reality, unlike the Internet which is the internal reality.
I've spent too much time on the Internet, i need to get a life on the Outernet.
by jfp October 11, 2007
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A scary and horrible place where people are not as nice as the Internet, outernetters call it the real life
Mom:you have to go outside
Me:but the outernet scares me!
by Happylittlequiff September 23, 2014
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in cafes, street signs and corners, resturants... even; as I read once in Wired, on top of taxis in NY... beaming info from the Net and webvertisement.
dig: the e-revolution is nothing but a big advertainment campaign to empty you already emptied pockets!
by hytham_hammer July 13, 2005
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Outernet coined years ago to describe the ability to post beyond the internet to active monumental displays controlled by apps. Similar to the old LED displays in New York times Square. This technology is very expensive. In fact I started selling them decades ago. People will be surprised that the reason it has taken 4 decades to become adopted by only the very wealthy is that even the very rich joke on the price. The Outernet coined by Larry Erb a key developer in computer cut vinyl sign, large format printing, the Quick change Artist, Monumentalization, Demographics, Cross Marketing, Printronics, Video Walls, Video Bricks, Chameleon marketing, The expediancy effect, Lichen Marketing, The duration effect, Repetition quiz, "Just around the corner" "Proximity Rule". The "Circle of influence Factor". The " information overload of crap really stinks! and many more.

The "Outernet is made possible by wrapping buildings with "Printonic Technology". Predominately see through from the inside out like clear glass. Able to cover entire walls and light up light one piece of Art. Combining Art & Advertising. Market research shows that entrepreneurs that need to get their message out Rate it 10 out of 10 almost 100% of the time. YouTube the proof. It is all there live. Though it is expensive advertising . In just 90 seconds most go nuts over the Outernet by Monumental Display.
You can POST on the Outernet. Just around the corner on large buildings by Monumental Displays that look like Art. Video wrapping our building to help drive traffic to your business or website.
by Tarzz December 04, 2019
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The weird part of the Internet containing things such as Tubgirl and goatsie. Typically found through Deep Web browsing.
Dave: Man, I found the weirdest website last night.
John: Were you on the Outernet again?
by darkeningWaterfall February 11, 2016
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When you try to use the internet on your school's server, but all the sites you want to use are blocked.
I can't access facebook from the school's computers. I thought they had internet access, not outernet.
by mischeifmanaged December 11, 2010
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