Hey! This door is stuck, go grab my BFH.
by Sixty Sex Spot June 30, 2002
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bitch from hell ..............
If you're going to be talking IM, then you're a BFH; Bitch from hell.
by ssshelly November 14, 2006
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Big Fucking Hammer. The largest hammer available.
I'll make this fit, hand me the BFH.
by Belpsux October 26, 2006
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When one times out a HAM radio repeater by being so long winded the radio equipment's timing circuit resets the output transmitter.
Damn it John BFH the repeater talking about useless crap.
by kg6ypa August 27, 2007
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I got tired of people using FML for every single little complaint, so I made up BFH, meaning Boo-fuckin'-hoo.
"I woke up late, so I couldn't put on mascara before I left for school, FML!!"

"Well, BFH."
by ScarredSouvenir April 3, 2009
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