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A flexible vegetarian who can allow meat and fish in his/her diet.
Prolly the healthiest among us all.
by hytham_hammer August 3, 2005
n. a glass-bottomed, long-necked bong-like gadget for smoking tobaccoo and/or hashish.
the tobaccoo comes in friut molasses(apple and strawberry are the most used..but you can also get muskmelon ..or..gulp! green marrow,too..),and the aroma is good to try and be hooked on it for-fuckin'-ever!
Down here in Amman, coffee houses offer a wide variety of tastes and contraptions to smokers but if you came to this city and wanna try a hubbly-bubbly ( the more-famous term for sheesha), try Balat Al-Rasheed tourism cafe..and welcome all o'yous tourons.
My favorite band ; an Israeli progrock and psychedelica five-piece called Churchill's made a song callled Debka where one can clearly hear a studio sheesha in full use. This band, man..
by hytham_hammer July 4, 2005
in cafes, street signs and corners, resturants... even; as I read once in Wired, on top of taxis in NY... beaming info from the Net and webvertisement.
dig: the e-revolution is nothing but a big advertainment campaign to empty you already emptied pockets!
by hytham_hammer July 13, 2005
The brainier styles of an otherwise much-hated music genre.
These only use mixes, or scratch techniques.
Madvillian... oh, who else? I gotta go check my fav-list..be backies in a jiffy!
by hytham_hammer July 10, 2005
Women who shun off the family, men and marriage for the good life!
description: thirtysomething, uglier than a skillet's bottom and filthy-rich bitch.
by hytham_hammer August 3, 2005
The urge to look through the windows of homes upon walking past them. Usually done for sexual satisfaction/curiousity reasons.
My! I once recall walking infront a curtain-less window and; being the cryptoscopophiliac that I am...I took a gleek and there was this hairy man bonking his wife senseless! I saw from her body only the wildfire bush of her na-na. Grossest!
by hytham_hammer November 27, 2005