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acronym for lesbian untill graduation.
Lugs in the U here are a hard-to-find. Thanks to the fact that they plan to extend thier lesbianism well into the later stages of thier measley little sorry lezass lives!
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005

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A word that means 'good-looking'/'good' female in Arabic.

That def was subbed lately, spelled as zayna and I felt them nostalgic love pangs again as that was the name of one fineass gurl I knew back at my University of Jordan days.

Her name was Zina and she studied Eng. Lit. (majored first as an Italian/Mod. Langs student, but changed mind and 'heart' cause Eng. Lit. was my major). She'd stare at me all of the time like I was some kinda god or something! I mean, she was all over me. I never took pity on her, since I was an older guy (32 ffhs!), puffing my ciggie smoke as if I didn't give it!
But, Zina kept staring at me and coming to the lects I was attending setting her diggityass fine bod in front of me, wearing her low-cut tops that she'd keep pulling down fer me to dig/see her coffee-colored bare skin.

The guys at the U were nothing but a pile of goon: telling me how I should 'go take her for a ride!' and how 'easy she's man'! On my dead father's grave, Zina's feet-dirt that's sits between her thimble-tiny toes is worth the lot of them assfucks! Huh!

Then came the moment of truth when we both attended the same lect. and the same freeze-ass attitude on my side continued. Comes the time of firsts, she 'talked' to me asking about "how hard was the 'zam?", Zina mumbled. She also told me something about how she had bet with a girlfriend of hers that she'll 'zabhit' me. Now, 'zabhit' in Aarbic is the guy's-only art of 'getting the girls' one admires or likes to hang with, or fuck or maybe befriend...and that jus' hit me stonko! How ballsy she's?! "Fine!", I said..."if ya want me to be one friend o'yers then here...the door is open".
And it also closed as fast! We didn't meet other than few times we'd sit like total stoned-out jerkos, cursing the stupe fucks that would walk by! or, talking trash about nothing in particular: her new cut, her nails, her father who kept beating her in the bathroom!...and *gulp* her 'Wish-List'. Ah! That one! Here it is: 1) Stainless-steel modern kitchen. 2) Bulgari ring. 3)Gucci handbag. 4) Cadillac Escalade Pick-Up Truck!
God shit! If I worked my ass off and then over...I wouldn't get the enough money to buy her the hubs of that car! So, I ditched her. (fact: three times, each time she'd come and say..."Hytham! Please...let's just stay as friends?").

I am a cold-hearted dickhead with a badge to prove it! This def. is the badge I needed. I don't care or give a monkey's nutscak if it gets refused: I already lost that girl! I lost that 'good' half-Greek wifeable girl fer ever!
S_o_m_e_b_o_d_y p_l_e_a_s_e s_h_o_o_t t_h_e h_e_l_l o_u_t_t_a m_e! X_X
I know that this will sound corny...but, Zina was my girlfriend who'd I had a great lovin' and understandin' on a higher souls-y level that I've never had experienced before with any girl if I did actually marry her.
She's the flyest in her 'cuntry'; Jordan! All the slimefaced girls would pale in comparison to her att' and coo' phat! I wanted to marry her as she did asked me to but the zilchoid in me made the offing never near possible. She lives in the Shemaisani* dist. in Amman, Jordan.
(*that's way too high-end in Ammani standards, to the 'Harat Al'Nasir'...where you can buy icecream as cheap as 2.5 qorosh...that's less than 1c!).

Zina Hassan Al-Gazzawi: 5'1" of sheer sextasy!

When will the time come you'll enter my house, Zina? And I'll enter you?! ('Od mai'at? Ani mastool ilaicha Zina shali! Salamtakk! Bo ha'baitah, avo ilaich?!).
by hytham_hammer September 03, 2006

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oral stimulation by tongue on a willfully-willing male's sphincter while masturbating his donger, by an ..oh, musician?
hit it down a bit hon, C-note is too high!
by hytham_hammer July 09, 2005

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v. to perform cunnilingus.
sodwit 1: Oh ..wommannnn..i need it so bad. Let me gamahuche down there, hawtthang?..
wommannnn(?): ewwwwwwwww!
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005

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a greeeting in Britain.
hey UD-ers, wotcher?
by hytham_hammer July 05, 2005

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Cuddle + hug. Same as a huggle.
Clubbers are overtaken by a new fad: cuggling parties!
by hytham_hammer August 06, 2005

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cellular-phone selfish person.
one who stage-phones ( i can't belieave this word is still undefined in the UD!..), and talks loudly disregarding those who have abso-fuckin'-lutely zip interest in what, or who the frick might be on the phone's other end!
Hadeel , you are a cellfish bitch. End of line.fullfuckin'stop.
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005

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