29 definition by hawk

full of hate; malicious
Hitler was hateful towards the Jews
by hawk May 29, 2003

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A swift nearly cosmopolitan falcon (Falco peregrinus) that is much used in falconry- called also peregrine falcon
The peregrine came out of a steep dive to snatch the rabbit out of the field
by hawk May 29, 2003

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Fabric container generally used to carry books that is positioned on the back
"Are you going to take your backpack on the field trip?"
by hawk May 29, 2003

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(n) Term used to define the drama of a highschool prom. Usually frustrating and doesnt seem to end. The guys usually dont haev much to do with this, or you do not hear as much. The term Prama is widely unknown but it is believed to be originated in teh early 20th century somewhere in southern United States.
"OMG this prama is killing me i dont have a date yet..."
by Hawk March 06, 2005

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Originating in Wrestling teams where some dirty wrestlers would grab your two nuts with their 5 fingers, creating the shortened 5 on 2
5 on 2 = no fun for anybody
by hawk April 02, 2005

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diggin up a corpse, affixing your friends lips to any sphinkter, and stomping on the stomach to send a (not-so) fresh shot of bodily contents into their mouth.
mumphing is a favorite passtime of the saxon footballers
by hawk March 26, 2005

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A mod for Battlefield 1942, see bf40k. The game involves you running around as a Warhammer 40K infantry and entering classic Warhammer 40K vehicles from each team.
Guy 1: Hey, have you seen Battlefield 40k?

Guy 2: Hell Yeah, I'm an alpha tester

Guy 1: You lucky bastard, I only registered on their forums, which I found linked from www.Battlefield40K.com
by Hawk January 07, 2005

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