Alize’s are special people and fun to be around,pretty ,funny, sensitive and is thick , however they can get very very aggressive and mean sometimes but it’s just tough love , they are really fun to hang with and also good at keeping secrets ... you have to get to know Alize’s because the way that they are in public is not how they really are when they open up and let you get to know them .. you wouldn’t believe what they went through or go through they are really strong people .. what I’m trying to tell you is keep them close to you y’all may become bestfriends
Alize Alize Alize sweet lovely Alize
by EmilyGibler23 April 10, 2019
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Hot,sexy,unique,sweet,nice one of the most prettiest girls you'll ever meet Alize cares for everyone and loves everyone She is beautiful and pulls all the boys
Have you seen the new pretty girl?
Must be alize
by Jack R T. November 25, 2016
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Some one who is fine af, nice and has an amazing personality ... Ps She s slim thick
by Uuugly January 23, 2017
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a fruit cognac drink, enjoyed by thugs and hustlas.
Anybody who knows Dre knows I'm about fast cars and Alize, partying all day.
by Nick D February 24, 2003
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The name Alize means "Clouds of Heaven" Heavenly
by IFly3BZ February 6, 2010
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a person who will eat all of your bacon, and won't share it will you even if you were starving. Her bacon is her bacon.
I was on an island with only bacon for food, and then Alize ate all the bacon.
by Bacon is inside you March 6, 2013
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beautiful, sexy, girl who deserves to get everything she wants when she wants. every guy wants her but not just anyone can have her
Alize makes the world go round with her sexuality and beauty
by briana depinut February 23, 2010
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