Great Austrian singer. His most important song was "Amadeus", which was the first rap song and the first song in German language EVER to top the US billboard charts. Other famous songs are "Jeannie", "Amerika" and "Der Kommissar" ("Can't turn around"). The latter was turned into "Don't touch this" by US rapper MC Hammer.
Falco died in a car accident in the Dominican Republic in 1998.
Falco was the coolest Austrian musician since Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
by hanneslive January 2, 2009
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A word for a person that pwns more than any other person on the entire planet.
I rock because I'm falco.
by sweetescape October 17, 2008
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A pretty chill guy, he'll outwit you in every argument. And although he may not look like it, he can kick your ass. He's also the life of the party, insanely funny and you'll never be bored around him.
"Hey, where's Falco?" Kid 1
"He's cliff Diving." Kid 2
"As expected" Kid 1
by Iamboredlol123 December 5, 2016
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Also known as Short Hop Double Lazer. A super smash bros brawl character that spams for the win. The only way to win is to steal its bread. See: George Lopez
by TehFobo December 25, 2008
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the bestest little birb boy from aot!! such a cutie sweetie pie and i love him!! he’s 13, about 4’7 and he can turn into a giant birb
look at falco! he’s flying! he saved the alliance!!
by December 10, 2020
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A legend in his own mind.
Oh, oh, falco's back... :P
by Kiptonite January 9, 2004
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A character from the popular video game series Star Fox, Falco Lombardi is the hotheadded rebel of the squadron; the top pilot of the team, a former space pirate, and the best friend of Fox McCloud, the team's leader. He is a tall, blue-feathered Avian (a bird species), with characteristic red patches around his eyes.

Though he might be a little rough around the edges, Falco is a hero at heart.
by Quex the Myuu November 3, 2005
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