A magazine that makes women believe that you can suck hundreds of dicks and not be a worthless whore as long as you wear nice clothes and expensive perfume.
Cosmopolitan has a new article entitled 'What Guys Really Want', written by some short, metrosexual, Puerto-Rican tosser whose views the editors erroneously believe represent the entire male population's.
by SimboBimbo January 21, 2007
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a cocktail made famous by the show sex and the city. it consists of cranberry juice, triple sec, vodka and lime. this is an extremely girly cocktail.

1 oz vodka
1/2 oz triple sec
1/2 oz cranberry juice
1/2 oz rose's lime juice
1 lime wedge
"I'll have a cosmoplolitan"
by Rachel Rose February 1, 2004
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Cheap politically incorrect magazine for young sluts and whores which encourages teenybopperism and prepares young girls for a life as corporate whores. also claims its okay to be a slut, smoke weed, cut yourself, etc..
some guy: Katy reads cosmopolitan
other guy: Hmm.. that explains why shes such a slut
by towel401 September 22, 2004
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Hip, cool, "jet-set" version of monoculture.
Liberal elitist hipster: That is so horrible that MacDonald's is everywhere in the world. They are breaking down indigenous culture and traditional folkways. Monoculture everywhere! It is sickening. (Moments later) It is so wonderful that we are breaking down backward ways of life in the American South and any other traditional culture. We want to spread the cosmopolitan ethos everywhere. I am a citizen of the world!
by Tex in Tex February 22, 2008
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Similar to a strawberry shortcake, but in this case you cum on a black girls face and then punch her in the nose so that the blood runs down her face so that you have chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry mixed together.
Yeah...i was doin Laquisha last night and gave her a massive cosmopolitan!!
by fleshdizzle January 22, 2009
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Bob: I heard that Kate reads Cosmopolitan.

Tim: So that explains the outfi- *drools uncontrollably*
by InvisibleWater2 November 8, 2012
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Codeword for a Jewish person implying they are part of a rootless, international clique that only look out for fellow tribe members. Generally it is used to refer to a prominent Jew in government, media, or business. Accordingly, their actions benefit their group above all else and are often detrimental to their nations of origin. Used in a similar context as globalist.
"Who is behind the push to accept more refugees?"

"Cosmopolitan elites of course"
by strangebrewn October 29, 2018
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