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A mineral SiO2 consisting of a silicon dioxide that occurs in colorless and transparent of colored hexagonal crystals and also in crystalline masses
by Hawk May 30, 2003
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A mod for Battlefield 1942, see bf40k. The game involves you running around as a Warhammer 40K infantry and entering classic Warhammer 40K vehicles from each team.
Guy 1: Hey, have you seen Battlefield 40k?

Guy 2: Hell Yeah, I'm an alpha tester

Guy 1: You lucky bastard, I only registered on their forums, which I found linked from www.Battlefield40K.com
by Hawk January 7, 2005
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The first sympton of the severely painful STD known as donneria.
Ex: After a long night of dumplings and rough sex, Jane woke up to excruciating fwice on her genitals.
by Hawk April 7, 2004
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To be out-of-whack; to be destroyed; to be completely unworkable.
Installing those new speakers in my car horked my amp.
by Hawk September 17, 2003
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Any of various Asian slender long-tailed monkeys (family Colobidae) with bushy eyebrows and a chin tuft
your least favorite great-grandmother looks like a langur
by Hawk May 30, 2003
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yooooo! watchu saying! can't you see.. its my ass!!!

sporty gyal!!! wanna duel?
by Hawk October 19, 2003
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