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To be out-of-whack; to be destroyed; to be completely unworkable.
Installing those new speakers in my car horked my amp.
by Hawk September 17, 2003
The area code in Southern California for Riverside and San Bernardino County; usually associated with white trash.
Having your truck on blocks in the driveway make me feel like I live in the 909.
by Hawk September 17, 2003
an incorrect word, see definition of mumphing
foopalooting is a madeup word, mumphing is what your talking about
by Hawk March 26, 2005
Any of the numerous diurnal birds of prey belonging to a suborder (Falcones of the order of Falconiformes) and including all the smaller members of this group. Often referred to as "Raptors".
a Red-Tailed hawk
by Hawk May 30, 2003
Hawk is a fine ass nigga from the west side. Get money Nigga who stay out the way, cool down to earth but when it comes to his family it’s never a problem he only a phone call. Big on loyalty and respect. The girls love him the Nîggas hate him (but it ain’t like they ever gonna do shit) He is a vibe you’ll never find. How could you hate him ? When He make himself so easy to love?
by Hawk November 23, 2021
Fabric container generally used to carry books that is positioned on the back
"Are you going to take your backpack on the field trip?"
by Hawk May 30, 2003
a theory in physics based on the concept of the subdivision of radiant energy into finite quanta and applied to numerous processes involving tranference or transformation of energy in an atomic or molecular scale.
Now do you understand the Quantum Theory? g-o-o-o-o-d
by Hawk May 30, 2003