An old Jamaican insult. Equivalent to the middle finger in the USA or the 2 fingers up in the UK. It literally means you are a bastard, the five finger meaning to say that one has five fathers, thus being a bastard.
I was walking down a street in Kingston and I passed a hobo. When I didn't give him change, he gave me 5 fingers.
by WeekzDefinez January 4, 2010
"did you see how __ put his/her 5 fingers up too him/her"
by dgerrard April 4, 2022
An intervention in the schrute family. It consists of ( in this order) :
Person 1 is an alcoholic. They become aware of what they are. Education about it. Controlling it. Accepting it and then Punching. 5 Finger Intervention
by MiniStig1 July 8, 2010
Some people say if you have a "5 finger forehead" you are ugly.
This statement is entirely false in fact look up these BEAUTIFUL people who have large foreheads:
Kate Bosworth, Christina Ricci, Tyra Banks, Rihanna
See they are gorgeous!

Haters are just jealous of the fact they didn't get into the cool forehead club.
No matter what anyone says to you about your body just know you truly are gorgeous, let the world know how pretty you are!
Becca: Hey look at me and my gorgeous 5 finger forehead!
Hater: Your ugly
Becca: Im gorgeous your just jealous because you got hit with the stupid stick.
by SydiWadd October 29, 2014
To steal something. When you steal, you grab the item with your hand - five fingers.
I got this hat at a 5 finger discount at the store!
by Shauna Buchheit March 19, 2006
People who throw up 5 fingers in a picture are known to get a lot of Pussy and are very successful in life
He throws 5 fingers up. He probably gets bitches
by Lighter fuel April 4, 2022
When you take a chick to her place then to pound town. "accidentally" Blow your load in her hair or eyes. When she runs off to clean up, get dressed quick and grab something random on the way out.
-"Dude, is this the blender you grabbed from Julie's place?"
"Hell Yeah, 5 Finger Dismount"
-"You know she had to go to the ER right?"
by 34xx34 December 15, 2013