The ultimate counter to Ur mom gayest

it easily repels the attack while attacking the enemies life points directly
Tom: Hey faggot ur mom gayest
You: "Ur great grandmother is homosexual"
Tom gets AIDS
by You're Mom Gay (Superior Form) September 5, 2019
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The worse then Ur dad lesbian, Ur mom gay, Ur granny tranny, and your Grand pap a trap combined; Everytime it is said a galaxy gets sucked into a black hole
Jim: Ur granny tranny
John: Ur grandpap a trap
Jim: well your great grandmother a dick sucker
John: *Gets Sucked into a black hole
by jjjJJjjJj05 March 20, 2018
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1. The mother of one's stepgrandparent.
2. The stepmother of one's grandparent.
My step-great-grandmother is a good person.
by Elivaldeq November 24, 2019
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1. The grandmother of one's stepmother or stepfather.

2.The stepmother of one's grandmother or grandfather.

3.The mother of one's grandmother's husband or grandfather's wife; but not their biological great-grandmother.
His Step Great-Grandmother was the wife of his Great-Grandfather.
by Stepman December 10, 2017
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