The girl who cares for everyone, worries for people that tell her not to worry for. She also gets heartbroken easily but when in love she'll love you with a full heart. Cristal is always a true friend, always has your back and is very supportive.
Hey is that Cristal?
Yeah, she a real friend.
by lliizzbeth March 4, 2019
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The most amazing best friend you could ever ask for. Don't be fooled by her mean expressionless face tho, she's a pure crackhead on the inside. She's very talented and intelegent, even tho she doesn't agree to this she's actually very pretty. (Which is why Jackson Wang held her hand) Anyhoee I love my bsf so much and hopefully these years pass by quick so she won't have to go through all the stress she's going through right now.
Cristal is such an amazing friend, she's keeping me alive and so will I 😁
by Kat_Bhuwakul February 9, 2019
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She is a girl who everyone loves, she is way to beautiful, God made her so beautiful, she is people’s honey boo boo, she is a real, true, nice friend, she has a kind heart to everyone, she doesn’t let no one bring her down no matter what, she always keeps her head up no matter what, she has such a good personality and she loves Spanish.
Cristal is a loving and caring person.
by Mexicanhereduhh February 28, 2019
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Is a very Beautiful human being inside and out that genuinely does not give a flying fuck about the meaning of anyone's name. She skips through every IG story that is posting this shit.
Leave Cristal the fuck alone 😌
by What the actual fucking fuckk November 22, 2021
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Girl who is the life of the party. Smokes weed, Gets drunk, gets into stupid shit. Anything a guy would want.
Josh: Damn, this party sucks. I'm leaving.

Mark: Hold up, Let me call Cristal

Josh: Hell yeah, Let the fun begin!!
by dopeboi420 August 7, 2009
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Cristal is the type of girl to be a bitch to you and think she’s always right but really isn’t she’s very black and short she will always give you attitude no matter what but at the end of the day she’s still a bitch
Is that cristal she’s a bitch
by Person 16338 July 22, 2021
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A very smart and beautiful girl who is loved by everyone she meets all the boys get nervous around her
Is that cristal
Yeah I like her a lot
by Karate kid February 15, 2016
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