A street gang is a small or very large loosely organized group of criminals.they often “claim turfs” or neighborhoods which they use to put up sell drugs,guns,other illegal things etc. Street gangs will often name their gang after its street or neighborhood ex: Eastside Fruities,Almighty forest pines fags. The modern gangs we see nowadays started in Los Angeles California with the crips in late 1960s-70s (Chicago gangs also helped create gangs that we see today). Gangs will often engage in conflict (also called gang wars) in which they fight each other with weapons from switchblades to shotguns and assault rifles. Notable gangs:

Latin Kings,crips,bloods,ABZ,Surenos,notterenos,ms13,202,Folk nation,people nation,MLD,imperial gangsters,Spanish cobras,Latin dragons,.
Guy1:did you hear about the drive by commited by that street gang last night?

Guy2:Yeah. It was 2 blocks away from me.

Gangster1:I planned it.

Gangster2:shoots gangster1.
by Mr.cozymo August 13, 2018
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· East Side Crips

· Spoonie G Crips

· Mid City Crips

· Lakeview Gangsta Crips

· Project Crips

· Clifton Mob Crips

·West Side Crips=

· West Side Family Crips

· West Side Gangsta Crips

· 6th Street Crips

South Side Country Boy Crips =

· Watts & Lotus Blocc Crips

· Melwood Blocc Crips

· Bradshaw Hustler Gang

· Mad Blocc Crips

· Reece & Cheetam Blocc (RC Blocc)

· Cottonwood Crips

East Side County Boy Crips=

-Stroller Boyz


· East Side Bloods

· Nine Trae Bloods (DBG93) (Inactive)

· Bounty Hunta Bloods (Inactive)

· West Side Bloods

· West Side Warlords Piru (Inactive)


· East Side Sureno Sets

· East Side Bakers 13

· Loma Bakers 13

· Lomita 13

· Los Pobres 13 (Inactive)

· Colonia Bakers 13

· Varrio Bakers 13

· Bakers Sur Trece Gang 13

· West Side Sureno Sets

· West Side Bakers 13

· South Side Sureno Sers

· South Side Bakers 13

· Lil Locos (SSBKS) 13

· Southgate Locos (SSBKS) 13

· Greenfield Bakers 13

· North Side/Uptown Sureno Sets

· Uptown Bakers 13

White Supremacists=

· Oildale Peckerwoods

· Nazi Lowriders


-North Side Bakers 14

-West Side Bakers Norte 14

-East Side Bakers Norte 14

Asian Gangs=

-Oriental Troops (OT)

-Asian Boyz (ABZ)

-Tiny Rasco Gang (TRG)

-Korean Mafia Boyz (KMB)

Asian Bloods:

-Outlaw Bloods (OLB) Inactive

-Lao Blood (LB) Inactive

-Satanas Bloods (STS) Active

Prison Gangs=

· Mexican Mafia (La Eme)

-Nuestra Familia (La Ene)

· Black Gorilla Family (BGF)
Bakersfield Street Gangs are gangs that migrated to; or were founded in Bakersfield California.

How many street gangs are their in Bakersfield California?
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One of the most baddest gangs in california and across the world, allot of them represent west side. Started somewhere in south america and moved up to USA. Some 18 gang members are chill with "Crips". Some rivals gangs are 13 streeters, 12 streeters and maybe bloods.
"The 18 street gang is the fucking shit homie, they get hella down."
by LIL JAY December 23, 2013
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A street gang in Chicago and GR, Michigan. Over 200,000 mebers and affliated with Some gangs in L.A. Their arch rivals are a gang of Punks called The Glory Stompers.
100th Street gang owns the streets in Cali, they just do work.
by lo1yal0t0TheHstreets December 27, 2007
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Temple Street 13 Gang

The Temple Street Varrio over time has expanded outside its original territory and has established itself in the far corners of the L.A country, Northern Califas and in Las Vegas, Nevada, Salt Lake City, Utah, Pennysylvania, Washington and Oregon. And in addition to having established grounds on the west side of L.A TST has heads representing their Varrio in South Central, San Fernando Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster, Antelope Valley, Cerritos, Glendale, Long Beach, Pomona and Oakland. TST has even branched out Internationally, having presence in cities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador and the TST is well represented across the sea in the Philippines with the Pinoy Locos Clique which formed from the Temple Street Varrio.

The TST Pinoy Locos 13 Clique was originally started out in the Early 1980s and became one of the most notorious gangs in the Philippines, it also started out in the homegrounds of west central L.A but eventually with the deportation of many of the Filipino gang members of the Clique back to the Philippine Islands, the Clique became larger than ever back in the Philippines alongside the United States and its linked TST Cliques.
The STS gang (Satanas) also have links with the TST (Varrio Temple Street), as this is the clique the Satanas originated from..

by v TEMPLERO November 25, 2011
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Ifamous Mob from Kanasas City, Missouri
Well Know For "gettin guak" (money) and "bouncin out" (gang banging) and better known for associatin with the rest of the 20's from 20th to 29th street. 29th street GO
"dem dude from 29 be tearin shit up dey ruthless"
"29th Street Blood Gang shows out"
"Last night dem 29th street blood gang dudes smoked my cuzz man."
by 30 Pak JRoc/ Yung Hitter January 9, 2009
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People who are born and raised g's that are reaspected among ang gang no matter what happens. it is a gang that was started in Brooklyn park, minneasota by members named Mugsy,Yung_Czar,Face,black da god,ab,and Jh the street gang iz found over on 69th and N.Grimes right now they are ruling the under ground street activity with similar gangs they are afiliated with for ex. Hbm,Fly boys,Ibs,King Squad,and soon bgs "Black Goony Squad. htey beef with lower class gangs named Cmg,Dukesquad,Renegade,and finally Bang'em squad Squads that remain neutral are Dnd and so far thats it. There are not just in MN they are in Chicago,Lousiana,Atlanta, and New york they have there own music productions Named Gang Green Productions Similar to Breakbread productions. The beef between Cmg And Grime Street mob Gang started by two of Cmgs Goons jumped one of Gsms closest friends and family members in front of there girlfriends and since then they remain beefing. ever since then you can find Gsm movies and mixtapes screaming the streets new slogan Cmgkkkkkkkk. The only Gang in the city that hasn't have anyone been murdered Grime Street Mob Gang.
Wat it is my dude?

It's Grime street Mob Gang.

Thats wat it is?

by King_Czar November 29, 2006
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