A 10 digit number which allows you to contact a certain individual. Normally, girls are hesitant to give their phone numbers to guys. EPECIALLY, if it is a guy that they find unattractive, annoying, and or a jerk.
Hey baby, I lost my number, can I have yours? <- EXAMPLE OF WHAT NOT TO DO TO GET A PHONE NUMBER FROM A GIRL.

by anix December 24, 2005
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A number in which is called to by a person to reach another person
hey Joe's phone number is (503) 422-1693 if you need to call him
by FerociousMasturBaiter March 5, 2018
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You're driving down the road and catch a car (driver or passenger) checkin you out. They will either chase you down, catch you at a stoplight, or drive-by you in a parking lot. They will then flash you their phone number... as if expecting you to remember it and call them. More commonly, the car will be filled with tools or sluts.
Barbie- "OMG! I just got a 'Drive-by Phone Number'!"
Stacie- "WHAT?!"
Barbie- "Yeah, it was a car filled with douche-bags! Totally not calling that number!"
by AtotheAWESOME December 12, 2010
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A phone number that used to be yours and is now someone else's; conversely, a phone number that used to be someone else's and is now yours.
Me: "Someone kept texting that he loved me and finally I said 'WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?' and then his mom said it was a kid and this used to be his dad's number. I felt bad."

Friend: "That's what happens when you have a regifted phone number."
by theshecreeper March 29, 2010
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The rhythm you use when you are telling someone your phone number (in person not in a text). Usually area code (pause) first three numbers (pause) and the the last four numbers.
Bob: Hey, what are your phone numbers?

Phil: Oh, It's 555 555 5555.

Bob: Okay, and you Ted?

Ted: Mine is 4444 44 444.

Bob: Dude, you got bad Phone-Number Rhythm!
by Supa Noob April 24, 2010
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