269 definition by greg

Kooler way of spelling "stuff"
i took my stuph to my friends house
by greg January 20, 2004

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1. (n.) A particularly exhilirating drinking game involving checkers. Players substitute shot glasses filled with liquor for the red and black plastic checkers pieces. Standard rules of checkers apply. Once a player's shot glass is jumped by the opponent, he must drink the contents of the glass right away. Double jumps in this version of checkers are especially devastating. If player's head collapes on the board, it is an automatic forfeit.
We kicked off that party with a good game of shot checkers.

In the Shot Checkers Championship, she was totally kicking my ass. I had one glass left, and her three glasses has me cornered in. I was all washed up. Then, to my surprise, she passed out right before my eyes and I was crowned the Shot Checkers Champion. What an unforseen turn of events.
by Greg March 25, 2005

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The single-richest man in the world. As seen on Chappelle's Show - Reparations Episode.
"The richest man in the world is no longer Bill Gates, but a Harlem man, known simply as 'Tron.' Is that your son, Tron?"
"Nah, I bought this baby CASH! I'm RIIIIIIICH!"
by Greg February 04, 2005

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ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO MEAN (includes all positive or negative nouns/adjectives/adverbs/verbs)

one must use the context clues to understand the meaning.
noun: Be a doll and grab me a bo-bique, I'm thirsty.
verb: Go bo-bique yourself.
adj: Dude! That's so bo-bique!
adv: Isaac is kind of gay, but he plays piano so bo-biquely.
by Greg September 04, 2004

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the ultimate in something being kick-ass or sweet. possibly taken from the unstoppable juggernaut of x-men fame.
angelina jolie's lips are unstoppable
by Greg March 13, 2004

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an idiot box
That kid's such an i-box.
by Greg December 19, 2003

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Noun- Pertaining to activities done in and around the home. Evokes comfort, safety and routine.
I found the domesitcality of Mike and Susan's relationship very charming.
by Greg February 27, 2005

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