look at that cat hes soo cool he must be a sox
by purple mouse October 21, 2011
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Having sex with your socks on.
"I had sox with Jeff last night."

"Ew, isn't that awkward? Socks always make a guy's naked legs look so stumpy."

"Yeah, but it was so cold and we were super-horny so we couldn't be bothered taking them off."

"Oh, well I guess that's understandable."
by anotherjenny November 17, 2011
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(noun) - the world's greatest baseball team, when colored red.
The Red Sox won a world series, and they didn't even have a higher payroll than the Yankees. Go figure.
by yaz zoo July 27, 2005
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damnit, it's not sox, its socks. saying sox isn't cool, it's stupid. get over it and stop acting like you're 7 years old!
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the retartededest team in the world they dont even know how to spell socks
sox suck really bad cuz their socks!!!!!!
by gorila May 20, 2008
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The same thing white people wear on thier feet, but us gangstas wear sox
DAAMMM, look! Lauren and Justin have some fly sox on!
by Napoleon Dynomite October 5, 2004
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a nerdy counter-strike player who thought he was good at the game but when he realized he sucked he shot himself. forever improving this game.
This guy just pulled a sox, look hes 0-15
by Faggy McFagfag November 26, 2004
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