Extremely bad. Amongst the worst of the subject.
How would you rate our supermarket service?

1. Poor
2. Very poor
3. Extremely poor
4. Really quite amazingly poor
5. Words begin to fail me as to how poor
6. Buttock-clenchingly piss poor
by DrizzlyBear January 14, 2009
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1)to be extremely broke (out of money)

2)a word to describe something that's inadequate.
1)im gonna be piss poor this month since i spent all my paycheck on crack.

2)I hired someone to paint my car but they did a piss poor job.
by mullett December 21, 2002
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Not very good. A poor match. A bit like Dale Winton being on televsion.
Supermaket Sweep is Piss Poor.
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
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{p-iss p-ew-r}

To be bad, or relatively awful at something.
The Leafs played Piss Poor last night.

Sam is a Piss Poor Ninja.
by Cselby January 26, 2007
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This definition refers to a guy's inability to aim his cock when he's taking a piss. This lack of skill is quite apparent when the perp is done and there are yellow pee stains on the toilet rim and floor. Some douche bags don't even bother to lift the toilet seat and piss all over it as well. Ya gotta wonder when you see pools of pee on the floor in front of a urinal only a few inches from a dude's dick how he can manage to fuck that process up. Perhaps some day somebody will patent crosshairs for dicks so a sporting guy can practice his marksmanship.
Guys; don't be a piss poor shot. Aim your cock like you aim your Glock! - And remember to flush!
by Big Ed Moustapha August 13, 2010
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