A now retired HBO series in syndication that chronicles the life of four single heterosexual women living in New York City who behave like stereotypical single gay men living in New York City.
"Carrie, those Manolo Blahnik shoes are just to DIE for. Now let me tell you about all the guys I'm screwing..."
by rapmasta June 13, 2004
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Ass-faced show full of one bar star after another zealously trumpeting the wine-slugging virtues of sluts world-wide.
One can easily find malnourished, vapid sluts gleefully spreading STDs with any orifice possible if one rents a copy of Sex and the City.
by JesusHatesSluts September 7, 2006
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An HBO series which follows around count chocula, her 3 yuppie friends and their sexcapades in NYC.
Some say carrie from sex and the city looks like a foot, I say she looks like that dracula dude from that cereal.
by Arcade23 May 19, 2010
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A dire hour of over-the-hill thirty somethings persuading their equals in the real world that they have a chance of happiness and ever having sex again(when they don't).
Josh loves sex and the city more than his own mother
by morgangills November 9, 2004
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A show about 4 usless whores with no morals at all, plus they are all feminist. Any followers of this tv program secretly think like the shallow hoes on this show and are no better then the shit i scrap of my shoes.
the women on hollywood bolavard but with rich apartments and jobs
by steven low November 26, 2004
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Only the best show every created that is no longer played on HBO
I'm so excited to watch my season 3 sex and the city dvd
by hottay September 9, 2004
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Great show about 4 power and sex hungry MILF's.They can screw practically any man they want to!
Shame it went off air.I wish I was in that so I could fuck all 4 of those dirty MILF whores
by Stix May 3, 2004
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