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An app for language learning. It’s good at teaching you Spanish, but sucks at any other language.
James: I used Duolingo to learn to fluently speak and read Japanese!
Jessie: I think Pikachu knocked you on the head a little too hard.
by goshdangitmark March 2, 2022
A non-traditional rpg for the Switch that went largely unnoticed until Pyra and Mythra’s inclusion in Smash. Nintendo took the first game and tried to use hot anime girls in minimal clothing to appeal to more of an audience.
Shulk: I’m Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles! My sword let’s me see the future!
Rex: I’m Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2! My sword let’s me see the future AND is my girlfriend!
by goshdangitmark March 2, 2022
Used to describe something anything but.
Bede: What kind of Pokémon did you get?
Hop: A cool one!
Bede: Insightful.
by goshdangitmark March 3, 2022
The illegal form of a straw that will definitely destroy the earth as opposed to carbon emissions and factory pollution. Don’t inform Starbucks that you’re using one.
David: Can I get a plastic straw?
by goshdangitmark March 2, 2022
A useless subject designed to prepare you for an even more useless subject, trigonometry.
Clara: I love geometry!
Robin: …what.
by goshdangitmark March 2, 2022
The main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Your typical dumb, oblivious dork that shouts cringey battle cries and manages to get all of the girls without realizing he’s gotten all of the girls.
Nia: I love you, Rex.
Rex: I love you… AND ALL OF YOU GUYS!
by goshdangitmark March 2, 2022
An item in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that lets you get new blades. Spend all of yours in hopes of getting a rare blade, only to get all commons.
Rex: Wow! It only took 204 core crystals, but I finally got a rare blade!
by goshdangitmark March 2, 2022