A Clara is a very intelligent and smart girl. She knows she’s smart, so don’t argue ‘cause 99.9% of the time she’s right. She’s got gogeous eyes, but she won’t say that. She hides a lot, but when you’re her friend, you’re with her forever.
Person 1: Damn, Clara proved the TEACHER wrong.
Person 2: Wow.
by LilacHolderey June 19, 2018
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The word ''clara'' means a beautiful person who has an amazing sense of humour. One who is always there for you and cheers you up by just smiling. One who can light up the room regardless of how dark it is. Clara is closest to her two best friends who remain anonymous. Clara is one whom you can love for ages because a Clara is just too special to lose. A clara has the best eyes and the best hair.
"Clara is the kindest person ever."
by Ayyobitch December 8, 2016
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Clara is a beautiful amazing girl. She has the most pretty eyes and will make your day just by talking to you. She will make you smile the second you see her beautiful face. She gives the warmest hugs and kisses. She’s also the best girlfriend any man could ask for
Clara walks into the restraunt

Every guy at the restaurant: “wow that girls beautiful
by Clara’s boyfriend June 16, 2019
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Claras are smart, beautiful, and are great friends. Claras have the most beautiful eyes and have great hair. claras always look amazing and whenever you need her she's there for you. She's also the one to start a party up. She's easy to talk to and because of that she's got a lot of friends. Clara will be your good friend for a long time.
"Dammnn is that clara over there? I heard she's as beautiful as a goddess"
by Eliseyy113 February 25, 2015
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Clara is one of the most hilarious people you can meet. You will never know what a Clara will say next, often something random that will catch you off guard and make you laugh. Clara's look amazing, his hair is to die for and they know how to pose perfectly in selfies. Clara's especially love sweaters, and often will talk tons about their comfy hoodies when they wear them. It's easy to make inside jokes with this person, take any given situation, a word from it and you now have a new joke! Clara's are really relatable and you'll easily find odd similarities and bond over it with them. Clara's are extremely talented artist, their art inspires their friends so much. They are very admirable people, they always will brighten your day, or if you prefer Darky storming weather, they will darken your day. Either way they are amazing.
Person: hmm I sense some randomness nearby it must be Clara
Person: CIRCLES!
by GlitterSatan August 20, 2018
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clara is the most popular and prettiest girl you will ever meet. she has beautiful hair and super long eyelashes. she has a great group of friends that are all really close. she is sassy and confident and gains a lot of friends. this is because her name means sunshine and she always makes people happy . You are very lucky to know someone called clara
by cely:))) November 4, 2019
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Best girl ever hot and tall and incredibly easy to fallen love with because of how perfect she is
wow she's like Clara so fucking perfect ugh...
by cc69 February 9, 2019
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