in facebook public wall,
Rosie -Text mee chic
Lauren - rosie, stop being soo cringey:( + will doo
by January 11, 2012
a) Musers (Loren, Babyariel, Theylovearii, Jacob Sartorious)

b) fuckboys

c) When your mom tries to be cool
by Hilarious Definitions October 16, 2016
when people type and speak like little freaks
h3w0 b4bi3 cak4s yh00 okii3 hunni3??

by jess francis February 16, 2009
someone/something that makes you nauseous because of how uncomfortable he/she/it is making you
Did you hear about Omar's haircut? It's so cringey cause it makes me uncomfartable
by Born2pizza December 8, 2016
Not a word. If you see anyone using it, do them and us a favour by correcting them. The correct word is cringeworthy.
Person A: "Eww, Jacob Saggytits is sooo cringey!"
Person B: "Cringeworthy, dear, not cringey."
by localnerd May 19, 2016
when someone makes you and everyone around you cringe so much , they are cringey
*your mom dancing weirdly in the street*
you : omg mom you are so cringey
by thatgirluwannaknowbutcant July 14, 2019