A dark web platform which kidnaps your close ones. To release them, one must learn a language. Their mascot is the infamous green owl.
Me:"Please, i want to see my kids again!"
The Duolingo Owl:"Not until you learn that french lesson you don't!"
by Karen&Kids April 2, 2019
The messenger of hell. He kidnaps your family and you might get them back if you complete your lessons.
Idk man... the duolingo owl is kinda hot...”
by (;_;) April 11, 2019
The living embodiment of Satan; will do anything he possibly can to make you pay for your absence on his spanish lesson, you bafoon.
Hey! Last night, I skipped my lesson on Duolingo!
What happened next?
Remember my kid?
by DracoBoom October 29, 2019
Duolingo is a website to help you learn a new language right? Wrong! Duolingo is practically torture. Watch out, the Duolingo bird looks cute and friendly, however it is a possessed demon. If you miss your lesson the bird will haunt you until you fall on your knees and beg for mercy. Don’t even try to skip your lesson two night in a row... unless you want to end up like Billy, we don’t talk about him. Anyways if you want to learn a new language and you aren’t afraid of being massacred by a “harmless” bird try Duolingo out today!
Me: one night of no French is fine
Duolingo Bird: you missed your lesson... you know what that means
Me: what’s that noise *blacks out*
by I like avocados November 2, 2019
A catfish and a kidnapper who disguises as a cute, friendly green owl. Slowly this green owl will keep manipulating and guilt tripping you into doing things you otherwise would never do. It starts with learning a language... but it ends with something way worse, and once you enter, there is no way out. Duolingo will literally kidnap your family to keep you under his wing.
Me: Duo you can't keep ruining my life like that!
Duolingo: Shouldn't have missed that Spanish lesson *evil laugh*
by bhatesyuh May 21, 2020
Satan himself. An all-knowing owl who will rape your sister and kidnap your parents if you forget your Spanish lesson.
by Ras Barry April 15, 2019
A language app that if you don`t use the mascot will find you and take his time murdering you
Duolingo: You have not done your spanish lessons time to kill
Richrd: No no NOOOOOO

Duolingo *cocks gun*
by pseudonym is a dickhead September 22, 2019