Dumb way of asking for something in a bar or diner, which gives the impression that you've never actually understood how to ask for anything. If you say: "Can I get a cappuccino?" to a barrista, they're entitled to respond: "You can if you want, but they actually pay me to get things for you and I suspect your job is better paid than mine, so why don't I do the getting and you do the asking..." You can always tell people who understand how to be a customer. They say: "Can I have a cappuccino?"
Can I get a cappuccino?

Can I get acquainted with English?
by Hunthill November 7, 2006
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A phrase used to get the affirmation of others after something true and relatable is stated.
Some days I wake up and need coffee more than I need oxygen. Can I get an amen?
by Lovetoshred August 2, 2013
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A term used when something is lit. Often used within a clique. Made popular by Vine and Instagram star Alissa Violet.
Brenda: "Can I get a Hoya?"
Clique: "Hoyaaaaaaaaa!!!"
by Partyhoe May 13, 2017
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Can I Get A BRUH..” is a phrase when there is a bruh moment. Someone would say “Can I Get A BRUH..” and someone else would say “BRUH”
Sierra fell on the floor..and said “Can I get a BRUH..”

Kortney dropped all of her belongings in the middle of the crowd and said “Can I get a BRUH..”
by Kortney and Kameron February 13, 2020
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Can I get A hoyah is something You Say when You are in a cool circumcstence.( usually screamed loudly And in a bizzare voice )
(*at a party)

Alissa - Can I Get A Hoyah !!!

People at the party : Hoyah !!!
by VioletHere April 23, 2017
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