the good guy (usually in a story)
Master Cheif in "Halo"

Jesus in "the Holy Bible"

Tom Cruise in "Top Gun"

the good guy is the protagonist, the bad guy is the antagonist
by doombuddy January 2, 2007
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Since there was no absolute definition for this word, I decided to use an actual meaning.

1. The main character in a drama or other literary work.
2. In ancient Greek drama, the first actor to engage in dialogue with the chorus, in later dramas playing the main character and some minor characters as well.
1. A leading or principal figure.
2. The leader of a cause; a champion.
Gee, I dunno... do you really need one?
by Fred5460 July 4, 2005
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The main character in a story, usually the good guy.. Like Batman

But the protagonist isn't always the good guy. Sometimes they're the bad guy, like the Joker in his own movie
Person 1: Who's the protagonist in the batman movie again? I forgot

Person 2: You idiot, its Batman!
by ticklewiggle October 3, 2022
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someone who is nice and doesn't exhibit any sign of hostility toward anyone.
Wow, these guys are very protagonistic for standing up to those guys.
by legendaryman July 27, 2023
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One who likes UFC and likes to wrestle with men...preferably shirtless. In a homosexual encounter, will be the giver in anal intercourse. Typically a white male who bases their life on movies they have seen. See Antagonist.
Hey, bro, I totally watched fightclub last night, and I wrestled Timmy. He was being a protagonist. My ass still hurts.
by Pork Sausage McGee June 5, 2009
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Believing you and your life are either literally or metaphorically the center of a metaphysical narrative in which you are the protagonist and that your life obstacles or people you disagree with or dislike are forces of evil. Most often seen in people who have consumed large amounts of entertainment such as books, movies, or video games which have a concrete "good or bad" for most of their lives.
"My sister in law keeps referencing Harry Potter online when politics are brought up. I think she may have a protagonist complex."

"Quit being so self righteous. You sound like you have a protagonist complex."
by Shurdlegurdle September 15, 2019
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