The location where prostitutes and pimps hustle. Also known as the ho stroll or the track
by ozonethegreat April 8, 2008
a black vampire who has a thing for killing people with a silver sword.
Oh, god, it's Blade! Protect your nuts!
by terminatrix March 4, 2005
1. a kick ass movie starring welsey snipes as a vampire that goes around slicin' n dicin' evryone vampire in his path, his only goal in life is to kill all vampires... he was born half human half vampire w/ all of vampire strengths and none of their weaknesses except the thirst for human blood he is also known as a daywalker
2.a sword
if i ever met blade in my life i would run like hell so he wouldn't kick my ass and suck my blood
i just got a blade in my medulla oblongota
by reppindabayouttacali March 23, 2007
rims for a car as in the song "wanna be a baller"
wanna be a baller, shot caller
20 inch blades on the impala
by w01f June 4, 2005
A young girl, used in the north-west of Ireland.
There's that wee blade young McGeady shifted in the barn other nite there.
That wee blade's some shelf on her.
by thebdogg November 30, 2006
Get your hand out of my pocket, blade!
by Clancy January 21, 2004