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The location where prostitutes and pimps hustle. Also known as the ho stroll or the track
by ozonethegreat April 07, 2008
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Blade is generally a guys name. A guy who would drive to your house when you were upset, a guy who would protect you like family, a guy who knows how to make you smile even when you think these hard times will never pass. He's usually tall and funny. Although Blade is a rare name it fits this gentlemen perfectly since he's more of a rare guy. The way he smiles, he'll get this little sparkle in his eye that will make girls nuts. Even though he may sound perfect, he is most likely single. This is not because he's an f-boy, it's because girls are scared to have this wonderful person in their life. Well their missing out.
Person:I feel down, Blade...
Blade:I'll be by in 10 with snacks.
by glossypeaches January 14, 2019
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20" or bigger wheels that have 3 Big spokes that look like blades.
Wanna be a balla
Shot Caller
20" blades
On the Impala
by Houston Heavyweight March 14, 2007
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a black vampire who has a thing for killing people with a silver sword.
Oh, god, it's Blade! Protect your nuts!
by terminatrix March 04, 2005
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18" or larger chrome rims that have three propeller like portions; 'choppers'
"Them blades was choppni up tha block"
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
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refering to brabus monoblock II's, choppers,not just any rims that are big and chrome or not spinning rims....word that was created in the South...primarily Texas
big pimpin spending chesse, big pimpin on B-L-A-D-E's
by shawnzarelli May 13, 2003
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