Phrase used to congratulate someone on their new acquisition.
Oh, you got a new ho - get new!
Nice haircut - get new!
by ladudesup November 6, 2010
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when your pubic hair starts to grop back after you've shaved it.
Guy 1: "Dude i'm getting new carpet."

Guy 2: "Oh yeah? In what rooms?"

Guy 3: "No, i mean my pubes are growing back."
by ProfessorOak December 31, 2009
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The recent development of Mob of Whack
He forgot to pay his debts, now Tony's Getting a New Roach.
by Muddafucker March 29, 2022
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dissatisfaction with ones' own, or anothers mental performance. -suggestion that in this time of 'transplants', one could procure a new 'mind' somewhere, and make out a bit better!
when i closed the patient up, i left a saw inside; i'm going to have to get a new brain, or lay off the PCP!!

-going to hit a yard sale and get me a new mind!

she needs to get a new brain!!

-this brain won't 'hop' when i bark orders, i need to get a new brain!
by michael foolsley February 6, 2010
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