an area code in Canada where ludicris keeps some of his hoes
"i've got hoes in different area codes, 808 202 396 204"
by hellfish(the yellow dart)gt March 26, 2003
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If a fictional character exists, then it can be cosplayeable.

It doesn't matter how difficult it is, or if it's a manga, anime, videogame, movie... you'll find someone cosplaying.
I didn't accept Rule 204. I thought about one of the hardest cosplay possible. Think about "bahamunt" of Final Fantasy series. Go to google images. Accept Rule 204.
by Sashiul April 8, 2011
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greatest band that has ever hit the local mississauga music scene. BAM!
did you check out room 204 last night? they were off the hizzy!
by room204number1fan February 12, 2010
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A cyber-kinetict life form with enhanced neurotechnology (modern cognitive-semi-conductors to eliminate cognitive scarcity) and organic tissues for lifelike appearance. Originally designed to be a deep cover operative for the purposes of combating terrorism in the Middle East via SMMs, Taylor V.204 was provided with a comabt-cognitive strategy interface (CCSI). The end result was considered a failure by Pentagon officials, as it lacked major weapon systems. Taylor V.204 was redistributed to the Department of Education under Operation Tar, which is classified.
Normal people have some from cognitive scarcity and PMMs, but Taylor V.204 has a form cognitive surplus and SSMM (Super Scholarly Mental Models) that can counteract certain preconceived biophysical laws of neuron speed.
by PMM Idiot February 24, 2011
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